FoodCache helps you use more of the food that you buy.
Every year, tons of edible food finds it’s way into landfills, mostly because people didn’t use it in time. We want to change that.

We need early adopters like you to use FoodCache and change the way we manage our food. Get it now!

How it works
  1. Use FoodCache to scan your grocery receipts or manually add food items to create an inventory
  2. Follow FoodCache prompts for what to eat first
  3. Update your food inventory as you eat it
  4. Track food you wasted to improve purchasing habits
  5. Waste less food, save more money

The more you use FoodCache the more the app learns about your purchasing and consumption habits. FoodCache then helps you buy the right amount so that you waste less food.

Product Features

A sneak peek at the features of Foodcache.

Login Screenshot
Home Screen Screenshot
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Scanned Items Screenshot
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All Food Screenshot
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Consumed Items Screenshot
Wasted Items Screenshot
Analytics Screenshot
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Friends of Champions 12.3

FoodCache has joined Friends of Champions 12.3, an international network that's working to cut global food waste in half.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3

“By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses”

The Team

We are a global team of people passionate about reducing food waste.

Usha Bhamidipati
Usha Bhamidipati
Founding member passionate about reducing food waste in home kitchen.
(Fremont, USA)
Peter Cech
Peter Cech
Communications Advisor
Public relations practitioner with a focus on behavioural change campaigns to reduce waste at its source.
(Vancouver, Canada)
Gyan Lakhwani
Gyan Lakhwani
Product Designer
Product designer working on designing intuitive experiences for digital products.
(New Delhi, India)
Nirav Vavadiya
Nirav Vavadiya
iOS Developer
iOS Developer with 7 years of experience in mobile application development.
(Surat, India)
Artsiom Ivashchanka
Artsiom Ivashchanka
Python Developer
Python Developer and Backend Engineer on the Foodcache team
(Seattle, USA)
Roman Voronin
Roman Voronin
Python Developer
Python Developer and AWS Cloud Engineer on the Foodcache team
(Minsk, Belarus)
Peter Cech
Sahana Venkatesh
Software Intern
Python Developer and Image Processing Intern on the FoodCache team.
(Sunnyvale, CA)